Imperium Codex

Stranded: Prologue

So it begins...

The nervous energy at the Academy was palpable. Only a month remained before the much anticipated jump to Meridian and students, faculty, and patrons were in a mad scramble to finalize arrangements.

The main characters – Broderick Worthington, Cletus Grahame, Ladon Kokinos, Rydan – are no different. Though the group was considered by many to some of the brightest students at the Academy, many businesses and researchers were sending experienced jumpers to Meridian simply because of its vast potential.

One major company, Arikos, decided to buck the trend and take a chance on the group. Arikos representatives did not doubt the groups academic credentials, but worried about their ability to survive. As such, a combat trial was administered which pitted the characters against four military grade combat constructs. Arikos did not expect the test to end in victory for the students, but was merely hoping for them to handle themselves well. It came to a pleasant surprise though when the team not only won, but did so in a decisive matter. Fears settled, Arikos signed the group up immediately.



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