Ladon Kokinos


23 year-old male. Red hair, violet eyes, brown skin, with cybernetic left hand.
Genetically modified human.
Member of the Academy, Follower of the Cult of the Pharmakon

Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Endurance 6, Wits 8, Perception 6, Tech 6, Extrovert 1, Introvert 3, Passion 1, Calm 4, Faith 8, Ego 1.

Natural: Dodge 4, Melee 6, all others at 3.
Learned: Alchemy 6, Focus 5, Lore (poisons) 5, Physick 8, Remedy 8, Science (biology) 2, Science (chemistry) 2, Science (genetics) 2, Science (xeno-biology) 2.

Blessings- Compassionate (+2 Passion when helping others)
Curses- -2 on all rolls against officials from the Cult of the Pharmakon

Benefices: Academy Training 5, Cult of the Pharmakon 5, Riches 9.
Afflictions: Addiction -2 (easy to procure hallucinogen), Vow -1 (celibacy).

Body Modifications: Implanted retractable Tool/Weapon (knife/syringe) with Chemical Pump in left hand 3.

Theurgy: Focused Stim Infusion (Prophet’s Holy Blessing), Eliminate Shock (Laying on of Hands), Cleansing.

Possessions: Nanotech Medkit, Surgery Kit (includes 5 doses of Elixir), 40 doses of Vorox poison.


Ladon is part of a wealthy middle-class family on Nexus. As he was the second eldest son, his family paid for an expensive series of genetic treatments which allowed Ladon, as an adult, to join the Cult of the Pharmakon. The Cult of the Pharmakon is a sect dedicated to curing all the ills of the Empire, both within individuals and within the body politic. The later duty is rarely called upon, but when a Pharmakos is asked to “sanction” a patient for the good of the empire by his liege lord, he or she is expected to do so or face death. As his first assignment, Ladon was asked to serve as doctor to the noble Kairos family, a strain known for their love of intrigue. Within the course of a single year, Ladon was asked to sanction almost two dozen of his own patients, often members of the very Kairos family he served. Eventually, he became a target of his own liege’s assassins, and in a rare display of mercy, the Pharmakon responded to Ladon’s urgent requests for reassignment by sending him on a colonization mission.

Ladon is now the colony’s doctor and its priest. His genetic modifications allow him to synthesize his own drugs within his body, and he has the ability to excrete them through an act of will. This is how he accomplishes the “miracles” of his order (i.e. his blessings, his healings, and his purges). The process by which these drugs are synthesized is cloaked in mystical invocations, gestures, and liturgies. Ladon retains the prayer books of his order, and with time, he will learn how to manipulate the chemicals within his own body to perform new wondrous feats. These miracles can be exhausting, and Ladon retains the equipment and skills to doctor most ills without resorting to them.

His only weapon is a long, nearly indestructible, retractable syringe that is housed in his left arm. Ladon can load drugs into his wrist chambers, both life-giving Elixirs and paralyzing Vorox venom, and release them at will upon stabbing a patient (or a victim).

The symbol of the Pharmakon:

Ladon Kokinos

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