Little is known about Meridian currently because it has yet to be colonized. While astral magic can provide almost unbelievable analysis of a new world, it still cannot provide an actual global picture. They can predict gravity, atmospheric pressure, temperature, and many other things, but they can’t say if complex life definitely exists.

What they do know about Meridian is that it seems to be a rugged world with potentially some of the largest mountains in the known worlds (even rivaling Xandoo). The gravity, day period and atmosphere are nearly equivalent to Nexus.

Meridian is somewhat unusual though because it’s actually not a planet at all. Rather, it’s a large moon orbiting a giant, blue gas planet known as Meridian Major. Mages speculate that Meridian is likely never truly dark due to the promixity the gas giant as well as the number of moons that orbit its parent planet.

Another unusual aspect of Meridian are abnormally strong local ley line activity which indicates exceptional large Ether concentrations. This, more than anything, has excited the Imperium because ether shards are in perpetual high demand.

Meridian Details

Much of Meridian’s orbital characteristics are unknown. It’s estimated to have an orbital period of roughly 1.5 standard years. Its day is roughly 20 hours and is likely matched to a resonant frequency of its orbit.

Estimated day/night cycles are shown:

Meridian days


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