Campaign Synopsis

The main characters of the Stranded campaign are bought together by the Academy for one purpose – the colonization of a new prime world designated Meridian. The best astral mages of the Imperium have studied Meridian and the ley lines connecting it to Nexus for nearly five years. By fortuitous happenstance the astral alignment to jump to Meridian is only weeks away at the start of the campaign and won’t occur again for over a millennium.

Colonization is a risky business and the first settlers, known colloquially as jumpers, to arrive at a new world gamble the most. It’s impossible to predict exactly what type of dangers the jumpers might encounter upon arrival at their destination. Indigenous life, trace atmospheric poisons, or even incompatible biology. More than a few jumpers have never created a mated portal and have been presumed dead.

But the rewards are great – especially in the case of a true Prime world. Only eleven Primes exist out of the hundreds of worlds colonized and all eleven of them hold a position of great wealth and influence.

Character Creation

The characters are Academy students and most likely highly skilled in their field. Remember, being a jumper isn’t totally safe so the characters should be risk takers and/or highly motivated to make the trip.

Colonization needs a lot of different types though so keep in mind your options. Examples could include a xenobiologist to study native life. An artificer that’s there to setup the portal or maintain the work golems. Or even a warrior to protect against dangerous animals.

Rule Set

Fading Sun. I feel the Fading Suns setting is fairly similar to my own (multiple worlds, portals, magic) so it makes utilizing the rules easier. Also, it has a simple, but interesting game mechanic system that I think will work well in an online game.

House Rules

There’s only one house rule at the moment – there’s no downside to using magic. Normally you’d accumulate urge or hubris for using magic which has story and mechanical drawbacks, but I don’t feel that fits the flavor of my setting. There might be ramifications for don’t so (i.e. make magic a little easier), but I’ll wait and see what your characters are before going crazy.

Additionally, I want to you change the theme of any high tech items into magitech. It’s not really a house rule because it won’t impact the mechanics at all. For example if you want to use an assault rifle, then use the stats, but consider it a repeating crossbow or a magic bolt launcher. You’re choice.

The only issue that I can see is theurgy – a type of magic. It’s a religious magic and I’m not sure if it fits the theme at all. I’m not going to restrict it though, but if you take a theury spell, please make sure it makes sense in the setting.


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